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I had my daughter my senior year of high school at 17 years years old, and according to statistics I was given a 60% chance of dropping out and not earning my high school diploma. Statistics surrounding teen pregnancy are daunting, but being the statistic is an entirely different story. I remember trying to balancing working a job to support my daughter while also managing a full-time high school education. It was tough and had significant impact on my grades. Most importantly it took time away from my daughter and time I could have dedicated to Education.However, I had an incredible support system and with their help was able to graduate high school and move onto community college and university. It was while at community college I was doing research for a paper on teen pregnancy I saw young moms like myself experiencing barriers to their education due to their parenting status. That's where I came up with an idea for a scholarship, I quickly noticed there are a multitude of scholarship options for parents enrolled in college, but none for parents in high school. Having a high school diploma is essential to success in our current day and age and it's the essential first step for young moms to succeed. She's Got Grit is in the process of creating a scholarship for moms ages 14-18 currently enrolled in high school and want to continue to earn their diploma. The scholarship will provide funds for necessities like diapers, formula/breast pumps, etc., but most importantly childcare so mom can focus on her education. 



About the Founder

Kristie Wilcox graduated high school in 2017 with her then 9 month old daughter (seen left). After graduation she completed her Associates degree at Washtenaw Community College and is currently completing her bachelors at University of Michigan. Kristie hopes to pursue a career in women's health after graduation and show her daughter that achieving the education you desire is possible no matter your circumstances.

Get Involved

There’s more than one way that you can help. Whether you want to volunteer or donate there are plenty of ways to join us in making a real difference. If you are interested in being involved with She's Got Grit please reach out to . We appreciate your interest.

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