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1 Month Away!

There is still time to sign up for our 5k fundraiser on May 21st!


Join us May 21st at Gallup Park in Ann Arbor for a family event! Gallup park is a beautiful location to bring your kids out to enjoy the morning. We have had a never-ending winter here in Michigan this year, it will be nice to get out and stretch our legs while enjoying the beautiful scenery!

Our event will be located close the the playground for the kiddos to play, and there will be snacks for everyone to enjoy!


What are we fundraising for?

At the end of 2021 She's Got Grit made a goal of providing a young parent enrolled in high school a $5000 scholarship for child care necessities. The recipient of the scholarship will be able to use this resource to decide the best decisions for herself, her family, and her education. Whether it be day care, diapers, food, or even gas for transportation, we want to support her goal of graduating high school.

Through education and communication we can change the harmful stereotyping of young parenting. This statistic is a result of a decades of stigma and misinformation about parenting at a younger than average age. It’s time to start a new chapter with a new narrative highlighting the possibilities and Grit of young parents, and the power they have on to change the world.


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