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Michigan Young Parent Awareness Day


March 25th is Michigan Young Parent Awareness Day! There are many programs to support expectant and parenting teens in the state of Michigan and the state has shown commitment with Parenting Awareness Month (March), but there is no Michigan-specific awareness day aiming to empower young parents and those who support them. There is a need for this in Michigan, as young parents are often feel shamed and isolated from their communities. MYPAD was created to recognize and honor the expectant and parenting teens in Michigan and provide them with an opportunity to share their lives and accomplishments(source).


MYPAD is an annual awareness day held on the fourth Friday in March. March has been declared as Parenting Awareness Month in the State of Michigan. By hosting MYPAD during this month, we affirm the equal support, services, resources, and respect that young parents deserve along with other parents(source).


MYPAD is celebrated across the state of Michigan through different groups and communities. MYPAD can be held virtually or in-person

Events can take place anywhere

there are young parents and young

parent allies who wish to take part(source)!

What can I do?

Change is made when collaboration happens! Even if you aren't a young parent yourself or know any, you can...


Start the conversation about the negative stigma associated with young parenting. How the term "Teen Mom" or "Teen Pregnancy" has been made a negative term.


When you hear someone talking negatively or making false statements about young parents, speak up! If there is a inequitable system or process that is making it harder for a young parent to suceed, see what you can do?


Listen to the stories of young parents. About the struggles and triumphs they have experienced. More important things that you may be able to do to help them.


If you are a young parent, speak up and tell your story! This day is for you to have a platform to tell your story. Talk abut your thoughts, feeling, negative experiences, and most importantly share your triumphs!

We want to hear your voice!

More information about MYPAD and resources

MOASH -Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health is a major collaborator and source of information on resources, and education regarding a wide variety of topics.

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