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MYPAD 2022

March 25th, 2022 is Michigan Young Parents Awareness Day! Join us as we share resources, celebrations, and support. This past year has been challenging for all families, including young parents. Now more than ever, young families need their communities to show their support!


When I told my principal I was pregnant, I was terrified about what would happen. I wanted to graduate and was afraid I wouldn’t be able. However, my principal didn’t skip a beat, he made a plan to enable me to graduate with my class at the end of my senior year. I am unbelievably grateful for the support my high school administration and staff provided me. I am now at my dream university on a career path I am passionate about. When young parents are supported, they THRIVE!

Young Parents Can THRIVE!

Young parents have educational rights, including the right to stay in school, participate in all school activities, and graduate on time, learn more by clicking the attached PDF. However despite the overwhelming evidence telling us that the majority of teen parents would like to continue onto higher-education. However, only 60% of mothers enrolled in high school dropout before graduating due to conflicts with their parenting responsibilities . Even with Title IX that has been in place since 1972, parents that are enrolled in high school still face significant barriers to completing their education and deserve support to achieve their education goals. Share the PDF below that highlight some of the rights to education a young parent has while enrolled in high school.

Download PDF • 575KB

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