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Continuing on with our celebration throughout March for Michigan Young Parent Awareness Day, We are doing MYTH v.s REALITY. There are many myths commonly believed by the majority of the public that are simply just untrue and harmful. When myths are spread and go unchecked they contribute to the stigma that affects young parents everywhere, because unfortunately they might start to believe them too.

The Myth We Are Covering Today..

Source:Cadena, Micaela, Raquel Z. Rivera, Tannia Esparza and Denicia Cadena. Dismantling

Teen Pregnancy Prevention. Albuquerque, New Mexico: Young Women United, 2016.

The Reality is....

Most predetermining factors that contribute to an adverse socioeconomic status, is established before the pregnancy occurs. Barriers that young parents face is consequence of socially imposed like; inflexibility and/or lack of resources when it comes to support for finishing school, securing employment or daycare, and negative public perception of them as parents.As mentioned above, many young parents are highly motivated to improve themselves and do things like finish high school and establish careers.

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