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SGG Scholarship Application- NOW OPEN


I am so excited to share that the application for the She's Got Grit Scholarship is now open to apply! I am so grateful for everyone who had a hand in supporting this project and am excited to continue on the journey of supporting a young mom in her pursuit for education.

Please share this everywhere!

Apply here


She's Got Grit Scholarship

According to statistics, I was never suppose to make it to higher education. University of Michigan was suppose to be a sports team I supported on the weekend, not the university I attended. Becoming a parent in high school will change many things, but one thing it shouldn’t change is a persons potential and chances of making it to higher education. When I chose to become a mother my senior year of high school, my chances of graduating with a diploma dropped by nearly 60%.

Once I made it to community college, I made a realization there was a multitude of scholarship options for student-parents college students for there support through their education, but there isn't anything like this for high school caregivers. Once I noticed this barrier for young mothers, like myself during high school, the idea of creating a scholarship for parents in high school stuck and has been sitting in the back of my mind till now.

I am proud to introduce the She's Got Grit scholarship that will be awarding one young mother enrolled in high school $5000 to allocate towards childcare necessities i.e diapers, feeding supplies, day care, etc., so they can focus on earning their diploma.



  • 14-18 years old

  • Currently enrolled in high school with the intention of graduating.

  • Pregnant with and/or primary care giver to a dependent child.

  • Michigan Resident


  • 1 page personal statement- tell us about yourself and your post high school goals.

  • 1 letter of recommendation from a staff member at your school.

  • Statement from school admin of good attendance/behavior record

  • Regular check-ins with scholarship staff

  • Complete interviews about your experience, have pictures taken, and uploaded to the She's Got Grit platform.


A huge part of our mission at She's Got Grit is changing the narrative surrounding pregnancy at a young age. This starts with sharing stories like YOURS!

If you want to share your story about having a kid between the ages of 14-19 or know someone who has please reach out to

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