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Spread the Word!

Registration for the She's Got Grit 5K Fundraiser is NOW OPEN!

Join us May 21st, 2022 for a great morning of inspirational speeches from community organizations that also care about changing the narrative surrounding parenting at a young age. Help us reach our goal of $5000 for a young mom enrolled in high school.

We need YOUR HELP to spread the word!


Presently the statistic stands that less than half of mothers who have their child while enrolled in high school are able to graduate with their high school diploma, and less than 2% are able to complete a Bachelors degree before age 30. Together we can come together to address the harmful stigma fueling these barriers to success, to show with the right support and resources these goals are possible for those whose parenting journey started earlier than traditional. She's Got Grit aims to address this harmful narrative and provide education and empowerment to those affected.

Scan the barcode or head over to the registration page to purchase your entry!

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