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Virtual Panel- Understanding & Supporting Young Parents

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

This May 6th, I have partnered with Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health and The Detroit Change Initiative to present a Discussion Panel on Understanding & Supporting Young Parents in Michigan.


One of the best ways we can dismantle the negative stigma that places barriers to young parents is to educate and empower. First to educate others about the experiences and lives of young parents by addressing common myths and misconceptions. We can change the narrative and harmful view being upheld and empower and support those who are pregnant and parenting at a younger than average age.

Did You Know?

Only 40% of mothers who have their children in high school are able to continue on to graduate with their diploma? That those who have a high school diploma have a significantly better chance of gaining employment, and even more so for those who pursue high-education. Just in 2020, the employment rate for females ages between 25-34 who did not complete high school was only 41% compared to 60% who those who did complete*. Join us May 6th at 3pm to learn more about how you can best help change the narrative and support young parents among you.

*SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2021). The Condition of Education 2021 (NCES 2021-144), Employment and Unemployment Rates by Educational Attainment.

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